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If you ask us to send you a brochure, this is what we'd send. If, after you look at the brochure, you want more information, or have specific questions, please call us at (360) 576-8111, or email your questions to Otherwise, please feel free to share this brochure with your friends.

Blessley Instruments are the culmination of a lifetime in woodworking that started as a young child in my father's woodshop. While finding things and handing him tools, (Dad was blind) I learned the basics of wood working.

Later, I progressed to a highly technical solarium / remodeling business. This endeavor required a synthesis of skills in working with wood, glass, and metal structures.

Years ago, I began measuring and analyzing harps made by famous builders. With advice from Jerry Goldsberry of Hummingbird Instruments, I decided I would build a harp incorporating the best qualities of each. My wife Val complements the harp building with sculptural design and intricate wood carvings.

We believe our instruments are of exceptionally sound design. Various harpists, famous and nonprofessional, have said that our harps have "excellent voice throughout the full range."

Models available include: Songbird, 36 String, C1-C5, square backed soundbox; Lyrica, 36 String, C1-C5, stave backed soundbox; Rhapsody, 29 String, G1-G4, square backed soundbox; Laurel, 29 String, G1-G4, stave backed soundbox; Orion, 61 String - Cross-strung, C1-C5, square backed soundbox; Rigel, 61 String - Cross-strung, C1-C5, stave backed soundbox. Harp stands and cases may be special ordered.

We encourage you to listen and compare.

Dr. Mark and Valerie Blessley

Blessley Instruments
10013 NE Hazel Dell Ave. #430
Vancouver, WA 98665 USA
(360) 576-8111 or Fax (360) 910-0511

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