The Orion 5-octave, Cross-strung Harp

by Blessley Instruments

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You can hear Harper Tasche gleefully play this harp on the first ever solo cross-strung harp CD, "Depth of Field" which is performed on the Blessley Orion. "Depth of Field" features a wide variety of styles including classical, ragtime, jazz, traditional, and original music; it's available now! (Recordings)

Call or write to Harper Tasche - (206) 329-4599 or PMB #1397 - 1122 E Pike St., Seattle, WA 98122 or

(See Harper Tasche's Rigel model cross-strung harp)

We are very grateful to Harper Tasche for his assistance in the design of this harp. His advice on the string spacing and other elements required to make the cross-strung harps comfortable and easy to play was invaluable.

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Harper Tasche's custom Orion harp was built of solid purpleheart wood with a black dyed, sitka spruce soundboard.

Meet Pamela Bruner's bubinga cross-strung harp and dragon friend.

Here is Verlene Schermer and Mark with Verlene's Cherry Orion. This harp has a 7-circuit labyrinth carving to go with her composition "Labyrinth." This piece is recorded on her CD, "Persephone's Art." See our links page to find her.

More pictures of the Orion in purpleheart.

The "clavicle cut-out" an innovation by Blessley Instruments that allows the harper to choose the great sound of a square back box and have the playing comfort of a stave backed harp. This is an extra cost option, available on all square backed models.

These hand carved, seven pointed, elven stars grace the neck and pedestal of this Orion. This custom design echoes the stars on Harper Tasche's CD, Long Night Bright Star.


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