Blessley Instruments Rhapsody Harp

Original model, 29 Strings, 4 Octaves

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The Rhapsody harp is now also available with 29 or 30 strings! It can be ordered with a C-C or G-G string configuration in the 29 string version, and G-F in the 30 string version. Adding the low F string is an extra cost option.

This harp, belonging to Valerie Blessley, is a 30 string Rhapsody in a G-F configuration. It is made of bird's eye maple, and has both the clavicle cut out and recurve pedestal options. This model can be fitted with 2-12 inch feet, depending upon your preferences. This harp is very portable and has a versatile range, making it easy to play arrangements for larger harps.

Call for option details. (360) 576-8111


Debbie's a happy owner of a cherry, 29 string C-C, Rhapsody harp shown here with an optional harp stand. This harp features the standard pedestal design and 3 inch feet. The stand helps stabilize the harp on carpet, and reflects the sound when played on a carpeted floor.

Rhapsody harps can be built in a variety of hardwoods, including cherry, maple, walnut, and mahogany. Contact us about the availability of exotic hardwoods such as bubinga or purpleheart. Extra cost options include: recurve pedestal, clavicle cut out, C-C range or G-G range, a 30 string version in G-F range, and variable feet height to suit your needs.

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