Blessley Instruments' Most Popular Model!

Songbird Harps - 36 strings, 5 octaves with full levers

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Our newest mahogany Songbird II was painted in Scandinavian style.

Various traditional background colors are available for your custom harp.

This harp is made of the same materials as Harper Tasche's Rigel harp. It is very stable in varying conditions of humidity and temperature.

These pictures show the blue color on the harp's painted design as several shades lighter than it actually is. The center photo is truest in color.

This harp is equipped with a full set of Loveland levers, with the C and F levers in gold to make them easier to find while playing.

This Songbird harp has a clavicle cutout, which gives the comfort of a stave backed harp with the bold sound of a flat backed harp.


This solid hardwood Songbird harp is made of Cherry.

The Songbird can be made of Maple.

Or, Songbirds can be made of Walnut.


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