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Soittorasia means "Music Box" in Finnish. Soittorasia came together as a trio many years ago at the Portland Messiah Finnish Lutheran Church. In the summer of 2018, the Nordic Museum in Seattle, now the National Nordic Museum called Valerie, asking for kantele music to represent Finland for the Mostly Nordic Chamber Music Series. It was time to revive Soittorasia! Nina graciously gave permission for Jennifer Pratt-Walter to take her place in the trio, and the three of us got together to create "Finnish Crossroads," the concert we played at the museum in January of 2019. It was so much fun, that we have decided to keep the trio going, and are now adding wedding music to our adventures. All of us have been playing wedding music all along, with Elisa's violin, and Celtic Muse's harp duo, but we haven't done weddings as a trio... as of yet. Stay tuned!

The concert in Seattle really whetted our appetites for the richness of the harp, woodwinds, kanteles, and violin in varying combinations. Music Box / Soittorasia has been delving into Scandinavian, light Classical, Celtic and Early Medieval-Renaissance music as we expand our repertoire. It's a sure bet that the three of us will be able to put together great music for people's special occasions - concerts, house concerts, parties, weddings, showers, receptions... Give one of us a call if you are interested in having fabulous music for your special events. Music Box / Soittorasia is excited to provide just the right atmosphere for you and your loved ones.

For more information, or to reserve Music Box for your special event, please call or email:

Valerie Blessley: (360) 600-8477 valerie.blessley@gmail.com
Jennifer Pratt-Walter (360) 693-4715 lyrica@comcast.net
Elisa Boynton (503) 880-4880 tokeo@msn.com
Web site: http://www.pacifier.com/~blesses/soittorasia.html

Music Box provides elegant wedding music packages and reasonable hourly rates for parties, showers and reception music on harps, woodwinds and violin.

Wedding music themes include: Classical, Sacred, Medieval/Renaissance, Celtic, Scandinavian. Call early to reserve Music Box for your special day!

Period dress is available for your historical-themed events.
Available options include: Classical Black, Medieval, Ancient Celtic, and Scandinavian dress.